Creatures is a webshow created by SammyShinx (also known as User:Blocky roblox cuzco) that focuses around 20 completely random creatures competing for a surprise.



Lost and FoundEdit

In this episode, the 20 characters start their quest. The first challenge is an endurance competition, which Tony and Izzy win. It is revealed they pick teams and then the challenge is to find Radio in the forest. Sam and Klonea get separated from Izzy's team and Sunny does a while after, while Stripey tries to insist a cave is where Radio is, but, instead, ultimately gets eaten by it. This introduces the rivalry within Alex and Izzy after Alex has had enough of being on Izzy's team. Even so, all of her team gets to Radio successfully and wins, leaving Team Tony to vote one of their own off.


After _____ gets eliminated, the 19 contestants have to climb a rock wall. How will Alex and Izzy's conflict affect the team? Sam might answer that after being thrown off of the wall. Ouch. Oh yeah, I almost forgot... SOMEONE IS REMOVED FROM THE GAME! Who, though?

The Olympic ______sEdit

Three characters debut in the game! They now have to compete in the London Olympics. However, not everyone gets there after they are thrown off of the "plane". 9 of them are thrown into jeopardy after insisting they "trespassed" in a village, while the other three has one question; What do they do? Even with all of these missing contestants, the show goes on.

The Arena Of DeathEdit


Hide and SneakEdit


Movie MakersEdit




Only 3 episodes are currently known, 3 titles are known, but the rest isn't.