Cuzco's Idle
Gender Male
Species Blocky, Happy Tree Friend
Personality Normal
Created by SammyShinx
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Voice actor SammyShinx
Friends Klonea, Sam, Elizabeth, Jet, Lily
Enemies Izzy, Tony
Age 11
Birthday June 23rd
Eliminated Cannot be revealed yet...
Place Cannot be revealed yet...

Cuzco (cause-co) is a male character on Creatures. He is favored by his creator.


He wears red clothing with a shirt with blue squares and a baseball cap with red and grey stripes. Why Cuzco is a hybrid goes back to a time when he had to save the HTF village from a villain. His bond was strong enough that he was blended into one, now looking like a fox with his original clothing and a squarey head.

Lost and FoundEdit

He doesn't do much around the first half. He loses in the endurance competition after losing his balance when he is distracted by 7 characers suspiciously fall off at the same time. He is chosen for Izzy's team and then he notices during the forest challenge Klonea and Sam are missing. But they all re-unite and win.


  • Cuzco comes from a Roblox character SammyShinx made a while ago back in 2009. You can see it here.
    • His shirt comes from one that was seen in a Rock N' Learn video that SammyShinx (9 years old at the time) watched when he was playing Roblox in 2009, before his first youtube.