Elizabeth "Lizzie" Clokolaka
Elizabeth's idle
Gender Female
Species Pokémon, specifically a Shinx (electric type)
Personality Sweet and shy
Created by SammyShinx
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Voice actor Alexlion0511
Friends Cuzco, Klonea, Sam, Jet, Lily, Tiffany (even though she is on the other team), Oscar (even though he is on the other team), Lulu (even though she is on the other team), Jake (even though he is on the other team)</small>
Enemies Izzy, Tony
Age 10
Birthday May 12th
Eliminated Cannot be revealed yet...
Place Cannot be revealed yet...

Elizabeth is a female contestant on Creatures. She is slightly favored by her creator, SammyShinx.


Elizabeth is a character who wears a pink flower on her head and is shy to the public, and also sweet. She also has the ability to stand on two legs, similarly to her brother Sam, but her tail is unable to do anything, in contrast to Sam's ability to use his tail. She is known to others for being missing for over 7 years after an earthquake. Sam finally finds her on her 10th birthday. She was his long-lost sister before that.

Lost and FoundEdit

She is considered a minor character for the first contest (the endurance contest). She does nothing for a while. After Tony decides to start taking people out, Lily knocks into her and she falls, eliminating her from the contest.

In the forest challenge, all she does is skip along, following Izzy; i.e. until she finally notices that Klonea and Sam are missing. Considering how Sam is her brother, she starts to get more and more worried until she finds him at Radio, and her team wins the challenge.


  • Originally, Elizabeth was not meant to be Sam's brother. But this decision was made after coming to the fact they both stand on two legs, not to mention they are both made by SammyShinx.
    • Before Sam and Elizabeth were brother and sister, they were supposed to be in a relationship. Before they were made related.