Ezekiel's Idle
Gender Male
Species Blocky
Personality Normal
Created by SammyShinx
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Voice actor SBproductions12
Friends Izzy
Enemies Alex
Age 13
Birthday May 19th
Eliminated Cannot be revealed yet...
Place Cannot be revealed yet...

Ezekiel is a male character on Creatures. He doesn't really do much in the game.


He is a dark magenta colored Blocky with a yellow t-shirt and his trademark green hat. Rumors say bad luck happens if the hat is pulled off...

Lost and FoundEdit

In the beginning of the first episode, he makes an alliance with Izzy, Alex, and Sunny. He loses the Endurance competition when Tony punches him off after learning he can fight others. He is chosen on Izzy's team along with Alex and Sunny, since all four are in an alliance (but Alex turns against Izzy). He doesn't do much after that, except his team wins.


  • Ezekiel is kind of based off of Ezekiel from TDI, mainly because both wear a hat of some sort. The difference is that Ezekiel from Creatures doesn't get eliminated fist.