Izzy's Idle
Gender Female
Species Blocky
Personality Over-confident (and has huge temper)
Created by SammyShinx
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Voice actor Alexlion0511
Friends Ezekiel, Hilde
Enemies Alex, Sunny, Sam, Elizabeth
Age 13
Birthday June 4th
Eliminated Cannot be revealed yet...
Place Cannot be revealed yet...

Izzy is a female character on Creatures. She is one of the two team leaders, the other being Xavier. She has won both challenges on Lost and Found.


She is a peachy pink colored Blocky with a green t-shirt. She is known for being team leader and is really braggy about it. In reality, however, she's clumsy.

Lost and FoundEdit

In the beginning of the first episode, she makes an alliance with Ezekiel, Alex, and Sunny. Unfortunately, this doesn't last long with Alex (and possibly Sunny) after Alex insults her leadership which always gets them into trouble and starts a slapfight with her. Even with this, they still manage to work together to win, leaving Tony's team in dust.


  • Izzy hacked SammyShinx's account on March 8th at midnight, but gave it back on March 9th afternoon.
    • She did it again on April 1st for another fight she got in with him. Coincidentally, she hacked him on April Fools. She was later forced to give it back after SammyShinx pressed buttons against her.