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Jet's Idle
Gender Male
Species Pokémon, Specifically Pikachu (Electric Type)
Personality Happy Go-Lucky, Childish, Playful
Created by RedfurredPikachu
Official Assets {{{assets}}}
Voice actor SammyShinx
Friends Sam, Elizabeth, Cuzco, Klonea, Lily, Tiffany (even though she's on the other team), Oscar (even though he's on the other team), Lulu (even though she's on the other team), Jake (even though he's on the other team)
Enemies None known yet...
Age 14
Birthday  ???
Eliminated Cannot be revealed yet...
Place Cannot be revealed yet...

Jet is a male contestant on Creatures.


Information Note: We'd like to apologize to anyone disturbed by the tickle fetish SammyShinx and RFP have. If you don't like it, skip this section.

Jet is a very happy go lucky and ticklish Pikachu. He cares for his friends deeply and we'll stand up for them when they need him. He is a very good sport whether he wins or loses. He just wants to have fun. He rarely get's mad, the only time he does is when someone does something unforgivable, lie, cheat, etc. He was separated from mother at age 4 and ran away from home. A friend, Anthony The Combusken, fell into his dimension and briefly encountered him. During this, a hollow entered Jet's body, then when Anthony attacked Jet accidentally, he recieved soul reaper powers when the hollow protected Jet. His first encounter with a majority of the contestants started off in a bus where Sam accidentally bumps into him.

Lost and FoundEdit

He doesn't do much around the first half. During the endurance competition, he is involved in the domino effect Rocky causes, playing 9th. During the challenge, he decides it would be necessary to follow Izzy along with the others. During this, Elizabeth tells him the fact Sam and Klonea are missing. He then gets the idea from Lily to use the evenstar to point out where they are. He doesn't do much around the next half.


  • Jet and Lily are one of the entire inspirations for SammyShinx's Pokémon OCs and their series, including "Creatures".
    • Also, SammyShinx seems to be involved in a chain, since he saw a comment explaining a deviantArt user called ShinyPika23 inspired RedfurredPikachu to make Jet and Lily and the rest of his Pokémon OCs, who inspired SammyShinx to make his.
  • This character is what RedfurredPikachu (or Cloud5001)'s username comes from.
  • Jet was the second character SammyShinx ever animated outside the box (A.K.A Anthropomorphic Madness or anything related to BFDI).
  • The legs and arms for Jet are rough. This is because SammyShinx handdrawn them instead of using the usually lines and curves and shapes for them.
    • The same goes to everyone with shiny dot eyes.
      • Lily, who basically uses the same recolored Pikachu assets for Jet.
      • Lulu, whose tail is rough.
      • Jake, who has the Pikachu legs.
Jet Straight Leg

Leg without anti-aliasing. It is slightly larger than the actual size.