Klonea's Idle
Gender Female
Species Blocky, Happy Tree Friend
Personality Normal, kind of Geeky
Created by SammyShinx
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Voice actor Yoshachu
Friends Cuzco, Sam, Elizabeth, Jet, Lily
Enemies None are known at the moment...
Age 11
Birthday February 12
Eliminated Cannot be revealed yet...
Place Cannot be revealed yet...

Klonea is a female character in the game. She's a side character and doesn't do very much in the game... At least, for the first episodes.


She seems to be a blueish Blocky with a pink bow along with a cyan dress. She also seems to have mild spikey hair. Why Klonea is a hybrid goes back to a time when Cuzco had to save the HTF village from a villain, with Klonea. His bond and with Klonea's were strong enough that they was blended into one, so she now looks like a chipmunk with her original clothes and a squarey head.

Lost and FoundEdit

She doesn't do much around the first half. However, her endurance time ends when Tony hits her with a rock. To add to that, she knocks six other characters off. She is then chosen for Izzy's team. Izzy decides to lead her team in one path during the forest challenge. However, Klonea, for some odd reason, blanks out and doesn't notice what path they take, ultimately causing her to take ANOTHER path. It should be added she wasn't alone, as when Sam didn't pay attention either, claiming "He saw something", Klonea was only visible in his sight, resulting in the two getting separated. Klonea's the first to notice this and talks with Sam, realizing they are now lost. She also points out by the time they get back to the start, they might still end up separated from the others, forcing the two to work together. Sam, however, was clever enough to get the compass from Izzy (Which was given to her as an advantage for winning the Endurance competition, along with a map which Izzy still has) and, after knowing they are taking the right direction, Klonea then feels kind of embarrassed Sam managed to out best her in calculations. As it ends up, Sam manages to get him and Klonea to Radio, and decide to wait for the others, who took the wrong way all along.

During this, in the background, Klonea and Sam can be seen doing certain things.

  • The first time they are seen, during when Sunny (who got separated as well being distracted by a flower) sees Radio, Klonea can be seen sitting with idle thoughts, while Sam has a rubber ball.
  • During when Radio is getting impatient, Klonea is seen making herself a house, considering during the video, it seemed to take days for Izzy's team to converse the right path. Sam is throwing his rubber ball against a tree, still playing with it.
  • When Izzy's Team finally wins, she can be seen with a book while Sam is seen trying to balance his ball on his foot, meaning he has been playing with it the entire time, ever since they got to Radio.

Speaking of which, Izzy's team FINALLY manages to work together and win the challenge. Radio points out the two have been waiting and re-unite, causing Tony's Team to lose (all thanks to Stripey).


  • Klonea was actually first thought of in the said HTF adventure.
  • Her appearance wasn't thought of until July 2011, 6 months after her creation.
  • She, along with Cuzco, were brought into the PikaShinx Four Sure (Now known as Creatures as a reality show) series in a game created by RedfurredPikachu (creator of Jet and Lily), of deviantart. Sam was the main character SammyShinx used for it. But after he was kidnapped with Lily (no one knows what happened...), SammyShinx needed an improvision. Hm... What about Klonea? And then she joined the cast after she was brought into the game.
  • Shortly after, in an RP with chaos98741, Yoshachu (her voice actor), and RedfurredPikachu, Cuzco (being one of her best friends) followed as well. And that's what led up to them being in the series.