Gender Male
Species Part raccoon, part lemur
Personality  ???
Created by Waliugifreak789
Official Assets Probably won't animate him...
Team N/A
Friends N/A
Enemies N/A
Age 15
Place 2nd in recommended character event

Lawliet is a possible character that could have joined Creatures in Episode 1, but lost to Xavier in the final 2. He comes from waliugifreak789's show, "Boot Camp", which is considered a plush version of Creatures, as one of the 25 contestants.

Description From CreatorEdit

This was recieved from PM.

Remember Bootcamp? Remember Lawliet? Why not make a cartoon version of him to Compete of Creatures? Eh? I could provide the voice for him. And who knows? Having a psychic who can move things with the power of his mind could make for some interesting and funny scenarios. :3