Lily's Idle
Gender Female
Species Pokémon, Specifically Pikachu (Electric Type)
Personality Clever, slight temper
Created by RedfurredPikachu
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Voice actor Yoshachu
Friends Jet, Sam, Elizabeth, Cuzco, Klonea, Tiffany (even though she's on the other team), Oscar (even though he's on the other team), Lulu (even though she's on the other team), Jake (even though he's on the other team)
Enemies None known yet...
Age 13-17? (Honestly not sure)
Birthday  ???
Eliminated Cannot be revealed yet...
Place Cannot be revealed yet...

Lily is a female contestant on Creatures.


Information Note: We'd like to apologize to anyone disturbed by the tickle fetish SammyShinx and RFP have. If you don't like it, skip this section.

She is a blue Pikachu that's Jet's ex-girlfriend. She first met Jet by coming over to a house of a friend Jet was in and knocked him and the owner of the house, Alex (No, not THAT Alex, a Piplup named Alex), then put them in a pool and locked them with a paralyzis powder, along with the ability to breath underwater. They looked helpless enough Lily couldn't help but tickle them. They later got revenge on her by tying her to a chair, and then they became friends. They continued their relationship, and yes, it went on when they met Sam and his friends. But, somewhere after that, including after Sam and two others was rescued from Dr. Eggman (yes Dr. Eggman) on a space station, she informed Jet a Sinnoh movie indusrty sent her a letter to be part of their crew, so she'd be an actress. And, sadly the industry was really far from Pelago, the city they lived in, so their relationship had to end after all the fun moments they had. After some time with each other, Lily left. They'd still always be friends though.

So... If Lily left Pelago (containing the island Creatures is made on), why is she in the series?Edit

This is a question that surely most of you will ask. When Radio gathered the contestants, he found by himself Tiffany, who led him to Oscar. Then he found Sunny and Alex and asked them if they had any friends. Right after, there was a massive communication call Sunny started. Here's what happened; The chain reached Cuzco, who reached Sam, who reached Jet, who reached Lily. They were all interested and joined, explaining why she's here.

Lost and FoundEdit

She is a minor character for the first half. She loses the endurance challenge when Klonea bumps into her, making her a domino in a chain reaction knocking 5 others off. Her first line was during when her team finally notices they lost two members. Jet has a magical pendant called "The Evenstar" and Lily begins to ask him if he brought it along when she bumps into a brick wall, implying Izzy unwillingly picked the wrong way. She asks again, this time, she finishes. Alex asks what it is, and then Jet shows him the power, and he is amazed. She doesn't do much from this point on.


  • Jet and Lily are one of the entire inspirations for SammyShinx's Pokémon OCs and their series, including "Creatures".
    • Also, SammyShinx seems to be involved in a chain, since he saw a comment explaining a deviantArt user called ShinyPika23 inspired RedfurredPikachu to make Jet and Lily and the rest of his Pokémon OCs, who inspired SammyShinx to make his.
  • She has a horrendous animation error on her tail, which is a MALE Pikachu's tail instead of female. This will be fixed in episode 2 with a lot of other stuff.