Lost and Found
Episode 1
Episode 1
Air date April 2013
Animated by SammyShinx, UltraToons
Winner(s) Team Izzy
Eliminated Following Episode Cannot be revealed yet!
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This is the premiere...

Lost and Found is the first ever episode of Creatures. In this episode, Radio starts the competition with an endurance challenge and a test of survival.

Personal notes from the creatorEdit

This is the very first episode of Creatures ever. It started out as one short posted on July 26 (though it's updated now). However, the following day, my mind was screaming to make it a reality show. The next day, I went with it and scripted this in one day. So this is the origin. Note, that because of events in the past, the original episode 1 is different, and there may be some mistakes in animation, but it will be fixed all in episode 2. In the meantime, please enjoy.


Balance DisasterEdit

The episode starts out with Radio announcing the competition to the viewers. Then it first begins with Radio bringing the contestants to a platform supported by 20 poles. He tells the competition to the contestants and let's them be aware they are on an endurance challenge for spots as team leader. In preparation, Ezekiel forms an alliance with Sunny, Alex, and Izzy. Lulu becomes friends with Stripey as well. After that, the contest starts.

  • The rules are that you have to balance on a pole. There's only room for one foot, and if you fall in the water, you are out.
  • You only have to touch the water to be out. If you fall off of your pole, but manage to hold onto something to prevent you from touching the water, you are still in.
  • If you manage to have a tennis ball on your head when the contest ends, you will get an advantage.

First, Harold's tennis ball hits his tail, causing the weight to topple him over. Harold hits Jake as well, causing them both to lose. After that, a strong wind blows. Sunny loses her balance and falls. Alex, after a few seconds, falls as well. After that, Radio announces it's possible to fight others. No sooner does Izzy do so by knocking Lanoxy off (and, unwillingly, her alliance member Ezekiel when Lanoxy hits him). A rock lands in her hands. Seeing no meaning to this, she throws it away. Klonea ends up getting hit, and causes a massive knock out in a chain reaction way, causing all of (in order of hit) Klonea, Foxy Lily, Elizabeth, Sam, Jet, Hilde, and Stripey to fall off (and a water explosion is caused). Noticing the suspicious event of the 8 losing at the same time, Xavier asks what happened. Cuzco looks at where everyone to his right went, and everyone but Lulu is missing. Then he loses his balance and falls off from the distraction. Now the final 5 are Lulu, Xavier, Tiffany, Oscar, and Izzy. Xavier decides it was so mean for Izzy to unfairly take 10 people out, and grabs his tennis ball and throws it at Izzy, who deflects it back and, somehow bouncing on the poles without falling, it hits Lulu, flinging her away. Izzy then decides she needed to take down two more people to win. Being the closest to her, she kicks Oscar. Oscar survives, but Tiffany is bumped off, however, she manages to hold on to her pole. Oscar points out Izzy kicked him without mercy and slaps her. Shortly after, he is met with a punch in the face. He grabs on to Tiffany, putting pressure on her. Izzy is about to kick the two but is hit in the head with another tennis ball and grabs onto Oscar, putting more pressure on Tiffany. Finally, she can't take it anymore, and her hand collapses. Both her and Oscar fall in the water, and Izzy somehow clinges to the pole hard enough to stick to it, much to Xavier's dismay. This means that the team captains are Xavier and Izzy. Before this, Izzy picks up a Tennis Ball and puts it on her head so she gets the advantage.

Directions, Anyone?Edit

After establishing the teams (who is on the Characters section below), Radio brings the 20 contestants to the forest, where they have to find Radio at the other side. The twist, though, is that all of the members of a team need to be at Radio to win. Izzy decides to take the lower path while Stripey leads his team in a hidden path. During this, however, Alex gets the feeling someone is missing. As this turns out, Klonea and Sam accidentally steered in the higher path and, after a conversation, now come to the fact they are forced to work together due to being lost. Luckily, Izzy gave Sam the compass she won as the advantage (as well as the map, but it was with Izzy) and they start to see if they actually CAN get to Radio. They do, and wait for the others to arrive, who had actually took the wrong way all along. Sunny accidentally gets distracted and is separated as well. Xavier's entire team abandons Stripey who insists a cave is the right way to go. As it turns out, Stripey get caught by someone in the cave and something off-screen happens to him. As a result, because Xavier's Team needs ALL of their members to win, even after reaching Radio, they ULTIMATELY fail for leaving behind Stripey, so they have to find him. Izzy's team notices Sunny is missing, and then Alex calls off Izzy's HORRIBLE leadership and the two slap each other multiple times in the style of Coiny and Firey. This continues as the team tries to take the path Klonea and Sam did. Radio, who is with Klonea and Sam, begins to get impatient considering none of the teams made it yet, and are slow. Finally, at last, Sunny manages to catch up with her team, and FINALLY reunite with Klonea and Sam, finding Radio, and winning, ultimate leaving Tony's Team in the dust, losing. So they will have to vote off a member next morning.


The hostEdit

  • Radio (voiced by waliugifreak789)

Team IzzyEdit

  • Izzy (voiced by alexlion0511)
  • Ezekiel (voiced by SBproductions12)
  • Cuzco (voiced by SammyShinx (what would you expect?))
  • Klonea (voiced by Yoshachu)
  • Sam (voiced by TeenChampion)
  • Elizabeth (voiced by alexlion0511)
  • Jet (voiced by SammyShinx)
  • Lily (voiced by Yoshachu)
  • Alex (voiced by Alexlion0511)
  • Sunny (voiced by Yoshachu)

Team XavierEdit

  • Xavier (voiced by sonicandlink445)
  • Tiffany (voiced by Girl14302910)
  • Oscar (voiced by UltraToons (formerly known as kingsley2468))
  • Foxy (voiced by Yoshachu)
  • Stripey (voiced by alexlion0511)
  • Lanoxy (voiced by goldenzoomi)
  • Hilde (voiced by Girl14302910)
  • Lulu (voiced by SammyShinx)
  • Jake (voiced by TeenChampion)
  • Harold (voiced by SammyShinx)


  • The original team leader was Tony. But, because the creator got in a fight with SammyShinx, Tony and SpongeBob were removed, forcing SammyShinx to remake all of the animation and parts of the script. Later, Foxy and Xavier replaced them.