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The reason for protection of Lulu is; High vandalism.

Lulu's Idle
Gender Female
Species Pokémon, Specifically Pachirisu (Electric Type)
Personality Normal
Created by SammyShinx
Official Assets (the password is "Stopabusingpachirisus")
Voice actor SammyShinx
Team Xavier's Team
Friends Oscar, Jake, Stripey, Sam (even though he's on the other team), Elizabeth (even though she's on the other team), Jet (even though he's on the other team), Lily (even though she's on the other team), Cuzco (even though he's on the other team), Klonea (even though she's on the other team)
Enemies No one yet...
Age 11
Birthday August 6th
Eliminated Cannot be revealed yet...
Place Cannot be revealed yet...

Lulu is a female contestant on Creatures. She is slightly favored by her creator.


Lulu is a Pachirisu with a lavender headband with "♥ Pachirisu ♥" printed on the front. She is sweet and gets along well with others.

Lost and FoundEdit

She is the first contestant to speak. "Oh, cool!" She replies this when Radio announces how the teams work. She does well in the endurance competition until Xavier accidentally throws a Tennis Ball at her, knocking her away.

She is picked on Xavier's team and doesn't do much for the rest of the episode, other then follow her team.


Mock Lulu

Well... To be honest, it's actually not that bad, but...

Lulu is one of the most infamous characters ever that SammyShinx created. One reason could be the annoying running gag on her eye getting hit in 2011, but the main is being a target of trolls for innapropriate pictures and other mock stuff and a drama starter.

SammyShinx currently has Lulu as his icon mascot. He changes it often. The full list was he started with Sam in January 2012, then Elizbaeth on her birthday May 12 2012, then, of course, Lulu in September 2012, then Floppy in February 4th 2013. He dropped changing his background on March 2013. He changed it back to Lulu again on April 2nd 2013.

Lulu ranged from September 2012 to February 2013. On December 27, 2012, while she was the background mascot, SammyShinx got engaged in a war with the MFB Club along with other BFDI fans on this video. The war stopped a few hours later.

Unfortunately, it began to go on for a long time at the beginning of 2013, where SammyShinx started to get harassed by the MFB Club once again. It continued to a point where a user called "IAMPRARLIO" decided to make a troll art of Lulu and posted it in his channel feed, which SammyShinx didn't like. Then, on February 23rd 2013, a fake account of SammyShinx was created on deviantART by someone who is supposedly part of the MFB Club and posted tons of horrible mocking art (some even inappropriate), which Lulu was often involved in, making her an infamous character for being horribly abused by the MFB Club. The account got banned shortly after when the account got reported for stealing FairyFoxes199's deviantART muro picture and modified it. Three of the horrendous Lulu pictures (as well as two of the 2011 ones officially made by Cuzco) can be seen by looking up "Lulu the Pachirisu" on deviantART. Another account was made, named IAMSAMMYSHINX, abusing not only Lulu, but Sam, SpongeBob, and another mysterious character.

However, on March 2nd, 2013, Mangoman2033 asked SammyShinx to unblock him. He then shortly messaged him that he wanted to stop mocking him and fighting, because Murkekow betrayed him and all of his other friends on their xat however the betrayal was just a joke. As of now, SammyShinx and the MFB Club has stopped fighting.

But THEN, another user, RetroRuoy made another porn picture out of her because SammyShinx couldn't take a joke. He did this, along with Izzy's picture and vandalizing their articles, the Main Page, and also bringing "Chris Hansen" in the vandalism (whoever that is). He was blocked for a month, then came back from another IP and trashed all of the Character pages during that time (except for Tiffany and Elizabeth's, they are the oddballs) and the Main Page. He was blocked again, made another account, trashed the character pages again before he got range blocked.

He then took out his range on the Anthropomorphic Madness wiki and Object Mayhem wiki and some others, forcing SammyShinx to spend 1/4th of his day reverting vandalism from ALL of his wikis. He then made an account on YouTube called "SommyShonx", which was made to mock SammyShinx and uploaded more innapropriate Creatures material, before SammyShinx FINALLY PMed all of the Creatures crew to dislike all of RetroRuoy's videos before he finally stopped.

(This drama is in the comments below, so go ahead and see it for the full thing.) 10 days later, a user, Keno9988, noticed the talk page of RetroRuoy and wanted to see the pictures. He asked in the comments below. SammyShinx declined his request. He asked again, got declined again because he didn't want the pictures on his wiki. Keno asked him to e-mail the picture, but SammyShinx didn't feel like downloading them for his sake. He asked for the links, but they were deleted, and SammyShinx didn't feel like finding them. He asked again, SammySihinx declined. Keno began insulting SammyShinx by calling him an 8 year old for not giving him the links, and SammyShinx decided he wasn't going to get them at all. Then, he began making threats at SammyShinx for the links, and his request was once again declined. SammyShinx isn't the biggest fan of spoiled jerks.

After that, he was blocked on his own wiki for a year for "Being an asshole" because he has admin privileges.. Because SammyShinx still had his admin privileges, he unblocked himself and removed Keno's. He continued his insulting content before finally, SammyShinx blocked him on both YouTube and wikia. He made a video out of the two naughty users here and no sooner did the hate commence. UltraToons, creator of Object Mayhem, decided to block RetroRuoy and quit voicing in his show after seeing his wrong doings, and RetroRuoy fired him and gave out the Object Mayhem assets publicly. SammyShinx was fighting with Keno9988 on this video along with UltraToons. SammyShinx later felt bad for him since he was sorry and unblocked him on both places.

The fight with Keno9988 caused Tony and SpongeBob to be removed from the game (even if they are friends again), and a recommended character contest was held. RetroRuoy, A.K.A ZeroZeroThirteen here, recommended Blade, a Scrafty, but when he lost in round 3 of the nomination in 7th place (Xavier by sonicandlink445 won the event), he began to complain that the characters were boring and had the same personality, while his character didn't. After some comebacks from SammyShinx, he began to start cursing at him. Then, he got UltraToons to fire SammyShinx from OM. This made his temper go off (and trashed his entire living room (he cleaned it up before anyone knew, though)). RetroRuoy was blocked on YouTube, and then, he vandalized this wiki again, targeting this page, of course, Xavier, Lawliet, Jet, Sam, and, once again, reuploading the innapropriate Lulu picture before getting blocked for the rest of the night.

UltraToons rehired SammyShinx the day after that because he felt bad for him. RetroRuoy vandalized the wiki AGAIN, targeting this page, and got the Klonea page deleted. SammyShinx blocked him once again for long term vandalism. Then he did it again, trashing nearly all of the pages, and got blocked for 24 hours. SammyShinx is getting really annoyed at all of this abuse as of now.

Comments from SammyShinxEdit

She has lost her sparkle because of all of this abuse to one of my favorite characters since her creation in February 2011. I considered removing her from the game once. I just wish this never happened to her. She has such a great development ahead, but she will be remembered as an icon of trolling. All I hope is that she loses this reputation and becomes a favorite instead. :( Cuzco! Chat with me. Watch my edits. 23:31, April 5, 2013 (UTC)


  • She was the first character ever animated, and to talk on both a test animation and the official series (not counting Radio).
  • Her legs are ab-normally long...aren't they?
  • Back in April-December 2011, SammyShinx obsessed with a series called "Class of 3000" and got so much ideas from it, including the idea to insert a running gag in the series "PikaShinx Four Sure" (a prototype of Creatures, where around 16 (out of 22) characters come from, where when an object is thrown most of the time, it hits her face, resulting in a cry out "Ow! My eye!". Unfortunately, this annoyed some people and was removed in 2012, and also because SammyShinx's like of Class of 3000 died down.