Gender Male
Species Boombox
Personality Normal
Created by SammyShinx
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Voice actor waliugifreak789
Friends Calculator, Toast
Enemies Joshua
Age 24

Radio is the host of Creatures. He has inspired while working for Object Mayhem.


He is a Boombox, presumed to be at least 24 or so.

The Story Of CreaturesEdit

In the beginning, there was just a newly manufactured Radio. This Radio was inanimate and could walk with legs, touch with arms, and see with eyes, as well as the features of a normal Radio. There was no Creatures, none of the contestants, and no reality shows. Just Radio. That's all there was. Years later, after getting used for plenty of stuff, he came across an event taking place, which was the elimination for Object Mayhem episode 5. He watched the challenge for it, and then decided to watch it. Calculator was then alerted a Radio was in his set without permission, but decided he'd be perfect for the Recommended Character challenge. After that, Radio thought "I should TOTALLY make one... It seems so interesting." And then he did. He managed to speak using his speakers, otherwise, he'd be hard to understand. Then he started his search for contestants. For days, he searched for anyone interested, but he ended up taking his search outside the area that was inhabited by objects, his original goal. "What the... What IS that thing?!" Tiffany is the first contestant gathered. "Oh, hi. I'm Tiffany. Who are you?" Tiffany says. "I'm a Radio... What are you? You look too weird to be an object." "Oh. I'm an Aipom. You look lost..." "Yeah, I've been trying to gather objects for a reality show for a while, but haven't found any." "What's the prize?" "That's a secret." "Well... Can I join?" "I'd say no... But you seem pretty cool. Sure!" "Okay." Radio began to think. Almost all reality shows near him had objects, with some exceptions. Radio could make a MAJOR difference with this weird and mysterious creature he found, and maybe even more, making a show with around 20 of them. "Do you have any friends?" Radio asks. "Yes." Tiffany replies. Oscar signs up second. Sunny and Alex join in, and then, when Radio asks if they have more friends, soon, his contestants get flowing by the minute. Sunny gets Cuzco, Sam, Elizabeth, Klonea, Lily, Jet, Lulu, Jake, Izzy, Ezekiel, Lanoxy, Hilde, and Stripey signed up in sequental order via a massive communication call a la Adventure Time "Loyalty to the King". But it was 3 short. Radio came across SpongeBob and Tony, and they sign up. Finally, after looking, he finally finds Harold, the last contestant to sign up. Then he gathers them all, and announces it, and the show takes off.

Full communication call chain;

  • 1 (No one). Sunny
  • 2 (Sunny). Cuzco, Izzy, Hilde
  • 3 (Izzy). Ezekiel
  • 4 (Cuzco). Klonea, Sam, Lanoxy
  • 5 (Klonea). Stripey
  • 6 (Sam). Elizabeth, Jet
  • 7 (Jet). Lily, Lulu and Jake (they were both at the same place)
  • 8 (Lanoxy).

Lost and FoundEdit

Being the host, he appears first, announcing the contest to the viewers.