Sam "Sammy" Clokolaka
Sam's Idle
Gender Male
Species Pokémon, Specifically Shinx (Electric Type)
Personality Patient, slightly childish
Created by SammyShinx
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Voice actor TeenChampion
Friends Cuzco, Klonea, Elizabeth, Jet, Lily, Tiffany (even though she's on the other team), Oscar (even though he's on the other team), Lulu (even though she's on the other team), Jake (even though he's on the other team)
Enemies Izzy, Tony
Age 10
Birthday September 24th (died on January 23 2013, revived February 2013)
Eliminated Cannot be revealed yet...
Place Cannot be revealed yet...

Sam is a male contestant on Creatures. He is slightly favored by his creator.


Sam seems to be a basic Shinx, except for three unique stuff about him.

  • 1. He wears a green and blue cap.
  • 2. He is able to stand on only his hind legs.
  • 3. He can use his tail as a third limb.

He is known for being the brother of Elizabeth. He also seems to be friends with most of the contestants before the show started.

Lost and Found

Sam is the first contestant seen ever for around 3 frames because he is the first to be brought onto the endurance challenge. He does nothing for a while. After Tony decides to start taking people out, Elizabeth knocks into him and he falls, rendering him out.

After Radio states they are going to the forest, Sam is the first to ask how they get there. Almost immediately, a large boulder knocks them flying.

Him and the rest of team Izzy start the challenge by taking the lower path. However, what Sam doesn't notice is him and Klonea accidentally take the wrong path. Klonea notifies him and they come to the fact they have to work together, but Sam luckily had the compass Izzy gave him earlier. He works out they might be in the right way (making Klonea kind of sad he outbested him), and, as it turns out, they wind up with Radio. Then they just wait around until they win.

Ask Bottle

Sam is an asker in (about NTfP). In an incident during January 23, Tape made a device, that, when pressed, creates a person. After asking who he was, he immediately got shot and killed. The guy went on a killing spree but was eventually stopped. Radio. Sam was later revived by lavaboyoh, to Keno9988's dismay.


  • SammyShinx's username comes from this character.
  • Sam was the first Pokémon OC ever to be created by Cuzco.
    • His hat and his two abilities weren't added until later, though. Before that, his creation of September 24th (explaining his birthday) just showed him as a normal Shinx. Nothing to distinguish him at all.
  • Sam ironically shares his name with the name of his real life voice actor, TeenChampion.
  • He has a YouTube account. He used to have a deviantArt account but it was banned because he was only 9 (underage). SammyShinx got banned the same day for being only 11.
    • SammyShinx got IP banned from account creation in the same week after making 10 accounts, all getting banned. He is currently on deviantArt in a secret account only three people know about.
  • He is disliked by Keno9988 (creator of former character Tony and voice actor of former characters Tony and SpongeBob) because he dislikes Pokémon. The reason for his Pokemon hatred is because he thinks the show is "too cheesy" by his standards.
    • He is disliked by Keno9988 the most out of all of SammyShinx's Pokémon characters.