Exclaimation Red This character, SpongeBob, has been officially BANNED from Creatures.

This means the character disappears/leaves during the series in any way and is replaced by another character similar to him. The time this character was banned was March 28, 2013, and the reason why this character is banned is: Created by banned user Keno9988, who got in a war with UltraToons and SammyShinx due to the drama event started in the comments for Lulu, so his character, Tony, and his friend SpongeBob, are now officially removed, even though they are friends again. They never made the cut for episode 1.

Sorry about that.

SpongeBob SquarePants
SpongeBob SquarePants
Gender Male
Species Sponge
Personality Same one from his own series
Created by Stephen Hillenburg (who also created his series)
Official Assets {{{assets}}}
Voice actor Keno9988
Friends Tony
Enemies No one yet...
Age 26
Birthday July 14th, 1986
Eliminated Cannot be revealed yet...
Place Cannot be revealed yet...

SpongeBob was a male contestant on Creatures. He comes from his own series, which has been aired on Nickelodeon since May 1, 1999, and was going to compete as a BFDI-style character. Sadly, he was removed after Keno9988 cyberbullied SammyShinx. See this video for details.


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Lost and FoundEdit

He asks what the challenge is going to be in his first line, and it's revealed to be an endurance competition. Unfortunately, because he's a sponge, the wind blows him off easily (he begins to fly off!).

As Tony's best friend, he is chosen for his team. He then points out to Stripey in the forest challenge his "sense of direction" led them to a cave, which Stripey recklessly goes in, and, is EATEN BY EVIL LEAFY. The other don't notice, however, and end up losing because of Stripey's carelessness.


  • Him, along with Tony , are the first characters to be banned from Creatures.
  • The idea of making him a BFDI-style character came from this video by Regulardude45. He was then qualifiable for Creatures (some BFDI/object characters ARE allowed in it. No humans, though.).
  • There is a smiley face on one of his holes in his idle.