Tiffany's Idle
Gender Female
Species Pokémon, Specifically Aipom (Normal Type)
Personality Normal, slightly nervous
Created by SammyShinx
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Voice actor Girl14302910
Team Team Xavier
Friends Oscar, Lulu, Jake, Harold, Sam (even though he's on the other team), Elizabeth (even though she's on the other team), Jet (even though he's on the other team), Lily (even though she's on the other team)
Enemies Stripey
Age 14
Birthday April 7th
Eliminated Cannot be revealed yet...
Place 1st

Tiffany is a female contestant on Creatures.


She is an Aipom that wears a pink bow and seems to worry about stuff.

Lost and FoundEdit

During when the endurance competition took page, Tiffany didn't do anything that much. When the wind blew Sunny, Alex, and SpongeBob off, her bow flies off. Then, during the final 4, she gets involved in action after Tony tries to take them both down. She manages to dodge all obstacles, but unfortunately, is knocked off by Lulu by accident (who was flying through the air). She placed 3rd in the competition. She is then, for some weird reason, chosen on Tony's team, even if Tony tried to push her off.

After that, she doesn't do much during the second challenge, other then follow Tony.


  • Tiffany was the third Pokémon OC to be created.
  • She has a major part in an upcoming movie...
    • Yes, that's right. Creatues has a movie.
      • Did you know the movie is one of the inspirations for Creatures?