Exclaimation Red This character, Tony, has been officially BANNED from Creatures.

This means the character disappears/leaves during the series in any way and is replaced by another character similar to him. The time this character was banned was March 28, 2013, and the reason why this character is banned is: Created by banned user Keno9988, who got in a war with UltraToons and SammyShinx due to the drama event started in the comments for Lulu, so his character, Tony, and his friend SpongeBob, are now officially removed, even though they are friends again. They never made the cut for episode 1.

Sorry about that.

Tony T. Bear's idle
Gender Male
Species Happy Tree Friend
Personality Stressful, anxious, The Game
Created by Keno9988
Official Assets To be added...
Voice actor Keno9988
Friends SpongeBob, Stripey
Enemies Oscar (even though he goes on his team), Cuzco, Sam
Age 34
Birthday April 27th, 1979
Eliminated Whenever he feels like it.
Place Spokane, WA

Tony was a Happy Tree Friends fan-character that was going to compete in Creatures as the leader of his own team, Team Tony. Sadly, he was removed after Keno9988 cyberbullied SammyShinx. See this video for details.


  • Him, along with SpongeBob, are the first characters to be banned from Creatures.
  • The name of Tony was not made up until 10 minutes after his creation in 2008. Before that, he was named "Bear Stu." Get it? Bear Stu?
  • Tony, in 2011, was given a gigantic growth spurt, which made him as tall as his creator at 5'6". He eventually went down to size in 2012.
  • Tony, outside of Creatures, has died 37 times.
  • Tony "likes" his female teammates, if you know what I mean.
  • Tony's middle name is "Timmothy," not "The."
  • Tony is currently in his cage outside of the Creatures show, which means that the creator doesn't use him as often anymore in real life, as per his disinterest in Happy Tree Friends.
  • Tony has friends. All 10 seasons.
  • Tony's scruff hairs on his head are actually supposed to be 3, but it's a design flaw.
  • Tony's scruff hairs, in Creatures, used to be pointing up instead of laying down. The creator thought it was too hilarious to keep, so he made SammyShinx edit it.
  • Tony's favorite gaming system is the SNES.
  • Tony is bisexual. Kind of a surprise, ain't it?