Gender Male
Species Buizel
Personality Sensitive, and a bit random
Created by sonicandlink445
Official Assets TBA...
Team Team Xavier
Friends TBA...
Enemies TBA...
Age 14
Place 1st in recommended character event

Xavier is a recommended character that had a chance of joining Creatures from episode 1 and won the contest for being a perfect character to syncronize with the others, with Lawliet coming in a close second. He is a Buizel that wears a green headband and is the leader of his own team.

Description from CreatorEdit

I reccomend Xavier


Personality: Sensitive and a bit weird(not as weird as Taco)

Species: Buizel

Wears: A green headband

Likes: Video Games, Comics,Nice people,Anyone who is a pokemon, food.

Dislikes: When people are dumb, Fish, getting yelled at(He'll get sad or cry) Mean people,and spiders

Lost and FoundEdit

I'll get to that later.